back seam

I am currently working on a teddy bear and it says to sew in the back seam but I have no idea what this means. so if anyone knows what it means please comment back or leave me a message.  

the pattern is from plymouth

the pattern is from plymouth yarn design studio, but i got it at a yarn store in Intercourse Pennsylvania

The bear is knitted flat and

The bear is knitted flat and is worked in mostly stockinette.

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Stuffed toys are usually

Stuffed toys are usually sewn with a "ladder stitch" you might do a google search to find a pic of that... it essentially means coming up through the fabric on one side...and going into the other side fabric directly opoposite...take a stitch along the seam and repeat... Bill

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You need to give us a bit

You need to give us a bit more info...

Very often, though, stuffed animals have a seam that runs down their back (and up their front) becauce the body is two pieces sewn together.  How is bear constructed?  Is the body one piece knitted flat, which would require sewing the ends together down the back to close it for stuffing?