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Kudos to our very own MathewGnagy for having his beautiful "Helleborus Yoke" top in the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of KNITSCENE! (pg 16).

The ladies at my fav LYS (Happy Knits) were all Oooing and Ahhing over it, and I had the pleasure of saying that I've become online friends with the talented fellow.

(Raising coffee cup). Hats off to you, buddy!


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Congrats, Mathew. Thanks,

Congrats, Mathew. Thanks, Bob, for pointing this out to us. I seldom get to look at Knitscene except when Knitting Daily points out what has been published. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I've seen other people's

I've seen other people's comments, wondering as well, so I will ask.

Why "HIbiscus"?

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Heleborus, not hibiscus.

Heleborus, not hibiscus. Heleborus is the latin name for a plant blooming right now in temperate Portland, OR, otherwise known as the "Lenten Rose". You'd have to ask him, but I'd wager because the cabling around the yoke resembles the blossoms and leaves of the plant, perhaps?

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*grin* talk about no brain

*grin* talk about no brain cells.....the name was right in front of me and I mistyped.

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*shuffles feet awkwardly*

*shuffles feet awkwardly* Thanks Bob! s'nutthn....jes a cute little sweater...really. :)

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