Lots of snow means lots of knitting.

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We had about 24 inches of snow here in Baltimore. Since we have to stay inside, I have had the opportunity to work on several projects . . . I am loving it!


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Hi!!! I got about 30 inches

Hi!!! I got about 30 inches in my area of B'more. Tonight, we will be enjoying jacuzzi time with the super bowl on the TV. Very relaxing after shoveling all this snow.

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...while here in Maine, of

...while here in Maine, of all places, we got nary a flake from the clear blue sky!

I want that groundhog's SKIN for a nice warm hat and stole to parade around in the hottest of Summer to tell the world "This is what happens to a lying rodent otherwise celebrated as the sole voice of Winter prediction after the Solstice."

I'm so happy for everyone who DID get walloped with a grand dose of Winter. Really I am.

...but this week -- this storm, especially, I covet.


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Robert, lean in a little

Robert, lean in a little closer to your monitor- I want to slap you!

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Dear Robert, If I could

Dear Robert, If I could export a bunch of the snow to you, I would. We've had a good blend of nice and snow but I am ready for Spring. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.