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boys and men, i'm about to shave my head for an art project and am looking for a nice cap pattern to help keep my head warm until the hair grows back in. any suggestions for a nice, interesting, but not too complicated pattern? i definitely want to try out some fun stitching, perhaps traveling cables or something.



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Yippee...just about the time

Yippee...just about the time I need to help a friend with a skullcap, all you wonderful fellows post a batch of links. Thanks ever so much! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This is my favorite skull

This is my favorite skull cap pattern. The pattern as shown is a little bit longer than a skull cap, but if you reduce the part from beginning to crown from 9" to 7", i.e. one pattern repeat, it becomes the perfect skull cap. I've made 4 or 5 of these. You have to scroll down about halfway down the page to get to the pattern.

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This is my favorite site to

This is my favorite site to browse for hat patterns - they're all free.
knitting pattern central

Albert just posted the

Albert just posted the recipe for one of his wonderful slouchy hats.

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Try googling "Hallowig" for

Try googling "Hallowig" for a knitted hair replacement.

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I really like this short-row

I really like this short-row hat from - I've made around 20 of these from both wool and cotton. I'm wearing a red cotton one right now!

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My current favorite hat

My current favorite hat pattern is the Botanic Hat by Steven West.

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Our own MasonM created a

Our own MasonM created a neat skullcap that might fill the bill. You can find the pattern at:

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If you're at all interested

If you're at all interested in doing some great, easy to follow color-work (Fair Isle style)...Asplund has a great free pattern he's recently put up on Ravelry that I'm currently making and loving.