catching up

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haven't posted in ages (except for that haiti request - sad. not a single taker)

anyway, i promise pix soon on what i did on my xmas recovery/vacation. i made myself a cabled sweater with zipper neck, a ribbed tight zippered cardigan for my hubby, and just finishing up on striped cardigan with buttons for hubby's assistant - belated xmas gift. i am also nearly finished with haiti blanket and made a cabled mobius scarf in self striping pattern for a kid, any kid.

pix to follow

ps - recovery gone very well. nearly back in the pool


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Steve - how's this for an

Steve -

how's this for an appeal - call me - I have tons of squares left over from Jason's blanket - and unless someone else objects, I'm more than happy to donate a blanket's worth to you for this cause - it's quite worthy to be sure.

just get in touch if you're interested.


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Excellent idea, Kyle. I'm

Excellent idea, Kyle. I'm sure Jason would be among the very first to say that any leftover squares be used this way. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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If it's any consolation you

If it's any consolation you got interested enough to check out my local chapter of the Linus Project and I'm going to try and get a blanket done by Blanket Day to donate to the local chapter which donates all blankets to local children's hospitals. The website for the chapter here in St. Louis has a very cool gallery of blankets that totally got me excited about the project. My mother quilts and I'm going to turn her on to it too.

I'm glad to hear that your recovery is going well and I look forward to seeing the pix of your latest projects.

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Sorry, too, Steve. Just not

Sorry, too, Steve. Just not enough time for everything, it seems. Glad you are better and look forward to the photos. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Steve, sorry I couldn't

Steve, sorry I couldn't support your Project Linus appeal -- I had no time to complete a blanket so quickly. My students and I raised money to donate to Shelterbox USA for Haitian families. I would be happy to knit a few blankets for Project Linus but not before 2/6. Will you still take "late" donations?

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Glad you're doing well,

Glad you're doing well, Steve! Thanks for the update, and I can't wait for pix...