Portland Kntting Fun Fest

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Hey guys:

Ron and I have been chatting about having the Portland Area guys get together, check out some yarn, do some knitting and drink some beer. Ron suggests the following, "How about getting together on Saturday afternoon? Meet at the Yarn Garden and then check out Happy Knits (I've not yet been there). I've heard that Happy Knits has a good spot for kicking back and knitting. If that doesn't work, the Lab isn't far away and serves up a brew."

So, who's in?




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Just wish I could be there,

Just wish I could be there, too. Again, another "Big Sigh" occasion. Hope you all have a great time. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Okay Boys, how about 1:00

Okay Boys, how about 1:00 this Sat at Yarn Garden?

To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace.
~Milan Kundera

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Men, yarn, and beer! I'm

Men, yarn, and beer! I'm encouraged to see the interest here! I didn't know about the Mash Tun take-away service, and I totally forgot the Barley Mill Pub was so close to Hawthorne stores. We'll fill in the exact details of time and place before Saturday, but it looks like we'll successfully get a few guys out for some fun.

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The MacTarnahan's Barley

The MacTarnahan's Barley Mill Pub is kiddie-corner across the street from Happy Knits, which does have a huge room in back with a fireplace and everything, to knit in. I love Close Knit, but sometimes it does get a little crowded there on knit nights.

I'd be totally up for it.

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Jumps up and down with joy!

Jumps up and down with joy! I would finally be able to meet some of you. I haven't been able to knit with anyone in several months, and I am very deprived. I found a knit night near me but have missed the last two weeks, much to my disappointment. Even though I go to Portland semi-often, I have yet to actually go to any of the yarn shops, even on trips where that was my goal something always got in the way. We should do this, it will be amazing!

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Oh Damn, I forgot that I am

Oh Damn, I forgot that I am in Corvallis this Saturday! We should do this often....hint, hint, hint...