Oh My Cow!

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I was at Jo-Anne's fabric buying some cotton twill for making some pants, and I needed to go find a while wool/nylon blend for fixing a client's sweater (worn out cuffs and elbows on an ancient aran)... There on the shelf was huge skeins of white or warm brown heather yarn in a retro kraft paper wrapper.

RED HEART FISHERMAN'S FRIEND (or something similar), almost 500 yards of 100% worsted wool with some of the natural oils remaining...for the bargan price of $9. The wrapper was even COOL! I of course bought a skein and was really impressed with how it knitted up. It's perfect for a gansey sweater or something with a lot of stitch architecture... (Hello Sexy Booty Flaunting Carlito Cardigan!!!!).

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever seen or used this yarn? This was a first for me. I"m very tempted to go back and buy a shitload and reskein it and use it for a base for my own hand-dyed yarn. I don't think it has that much oil in it...

So, what say you'all? anyone?


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I have some of this, and was

I have some of this, and was going to make some socks out of the cream color, but I got worried so I checked ravelry. I also found that I was having problems with the guard hair, and with small sticks and other trash that was spun into the yarn. After a few inches I just gave up, I was spending more time trying to remove stuff than I was knitting. Others seem to have been having my problem as well, but most reviews have been positive. I must have just gotten a bad skein.

@Matt: Yes, He seems to be talking about Lion Brand.

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I was excited when I saw

I was excited when I saw this yarn at Hobby Lobby. I can think of a zillion projects that I want to use it for.

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I'd heard of it, and I was

I'd heard of it, and I was actually considering using it for a throw blanket... ultimately deciding wool was the wrong choice of yarn =) But it was a GREAT price, and I have been looking for a project to use it for.

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Oh....the Cream color takes

Oh....the Cream color takes dye in AMAZING ways....It just sucks the color right up! Do it....dye some!

The brown does not take color well at all...something in the nature of an already colored fiber makes it more resistant to absorption

PS...The description actually sounds like LionBrand Fisherman's wool which comes in both those colors and has the groovy retro wrapper...did red Heart Copy them???

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You're right.. Lion Brand

You're right.. Lion Brand fisherman's wool.

I can't wait to try dying it.

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I have indeed used this yarn

I have indeed used this yarn many times in both the cream and the lovely brown...I like the way it knits up but have found two things on the negative side....Its pretty splitty at high speeds...so be sure you use a pretty blunt pointed needle if you plan on going fast.

I find it to be a little too "hairy" not that I mind this in other arenas ;) but there are these huge coarse guard hairs that show up from time to time and if you don't pull them out from the yarn as you work...they are unbearable to wear as they are sharp enough to poke through other layers of clothing.

I LOVE the cream colored version of this wool.

I think it would make an excellent yarn for the Carlito...In either color! I can't wait to see you wearing it! I am picturing you in the cream colored version...though I suspect you will favor the Brown a little more...


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Mathew, you're a caution.

Mathew, you're a caution. That's what my Georgia grandma (bless her heart) would say. You're just a caution! (Mr. hairy guy).

I don't mind the guard hairs...I pick them out, no biggie.

I've bought the brown, but I'd like to get some cream and dye it a rich peacock blue for this sweater as well.

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heheheheh...he said "I'd

heheheheh...he said "I'd like to get some cream"...heheheheh