Is this a perfect Valentine's gift for my wife or what?

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I started with yarn and a needle size that would have made this a shawl for an elephant! So…I restarted this on 1/20/2010 and am used Bamboodle yarn on a size 2 needle - it’s much more manageable in size. I ended up gradually increasing the needle size from 2, to 3, to 4, to 5 in order to make the edge have a bit of a ruffle which my wife adored.

I used 570 yards of Bamboodle yarn in bright red. The depth of the shawl is 23” and the circumfrance (tip-to-tip) is 148”.

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Absolutely beautiful!!! Why

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Why can't I have a husband like you?


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What a beautiful shawl, I'm

What a beautiful shawl, I'm sure your wife will love it.

I notice the pamphlet the pattern came from is German. Is there an English translation available or is the graph and symbols clear enough to follow?

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My LYS had the pattern plus

My LYS had the pattern plus the translation that was written by someone locally. They can be contacted at and I'm sure they could send the pattern to you (upon payment of course).

The original pattern is charted but not with standard "English" symbols. But once you have figured out what the various symbols mean it is pretty easy to figure out.


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Absolutely stunning. Love it!

Absolutely stunning. Love it!

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Wow, that's beautiful! Your

Wow, that's beautiful! Your wife is a lucky woman!

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OMG Rick! Wow... you really

OMG Rick! Wow... you really are "THAT GUY" ! ! !

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
WHat a wonderful job, I am sure she will be very pleased

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Now you have to take her out

Now you have to take her out to dinner so she can wear it and show it off.

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You are just cranking out

You are just cranking out masterpiece after masterpiece!

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Any my wife just thinks I'm

Any my wife just thinks I'm cranky!

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Absolutely sumptuous!

Absolutely sumptuous!

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What a great Valentine! I

What a great Valentine! I hope she enjoys it immensely. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Gorgeous. What a beautiful

Gorgeous. What a beautiful gift.

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Brilliant, absolutely

Brilliant, absolutely f***ing brilliant! Another heirloom, I'd say.

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Wow...are you going to

Wow...are you going to present it to her on a white background like the picture?

And how is it that you've been able to knit and block this without her seeing it up till now?

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We're separated and I'm

We're separated and I'm seeing my first fiance. Just kidding - she was my first fiance (and we're not separated). But I knit it at night - I only sleep about 2-3 hours per night and she does the more normal 8 hour routine.

Actually I took the picture of it and printed it out and made a Valentine card out of it. I don't know if you've seen that jewelry store commercial on TV that shows the guy doing the calligraphy card and presenting it and then the commercial says that because you're not that guy you need to go to the jewelry store....well I am that guy I guess.

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