Handspun Groundhog Hat

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I knit this hat from yarn that I spun up from wool (of course) carded together with silk noil. I used a blend of Shetland and Cheviot fleeces, and dyed the wool and silk with Jacquard dyes. You'll notice that my hat did not see its' shadow, therefore there will be an early Spring in Maine- WOOT!!!

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Your hats are always so

Your hats are always so adorable! Whoever is receiving them better appreciate how lucky they are!

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Albert, It is honestly


It is honestly fantastic! Nice choice of yarn. It turned out great.


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Albert, you need to set up a

Albert, you need to set up a little hat shop. This one is really fabulous!!!!

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Albert - it looks amazing.

Albert - it looks amazing.

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Albert, what a good job you

Albert, what a good job you did with the dyes, great colours, altogether a lovely hat.

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Quite a dazzling hat,

Quite a dazzling hat, Albert. I like the way the dye absorbed so well in both the wool and the silk. Whoever gets to wear this one will be very lucky. And envied. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Awesome, awesome colors!

Awesome, awesome colors! Beautiful hat!
Let's hope your hat's prognostication skills are right on target too :)

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Another Gorgeous hat, Albert!

Another Gorgeous hat, Albert!

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And a Happy Groundhog's Day

And a Happy Groundhog's Day to you. I think the snowy wintry weather has inspired you, Albert. Another piece of wearable art. I like how the ears are protected by a double layer of fabric - just where it is needed, and the colours, of course, are wonderful. Congratualations.

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very pretty! The colours

very pretty! The colours look like the very essence of winter! And it's got a shimmer and sparkle, just like the trees down South after this weekend's storm!

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