After THREE long years - It's done

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I had to blog right away because after 3 long years, it is finally off my needles!!! Since I don't really have the skill to take professional photographs anyways, I decided to take the pictures while it's blocking.

Pattern: Sampler Stole by Hazel Carter

Book: A Gathering of Lace

Yarn Brand:
Yarn Name: Zephyr
Yarn Colorway: Red

Needle: Size 3 US (3.25 mm)
Dimensions: Long
Recipient: My sister ("was" for her wedding present, but "now" it's for a first born)

The shawl is broken up into 3 parts. This is the main pattern:

And then it's capped on top by lace samplers.

And the bottom:

So guys, when it dries, I might attempt to take some artistic shots, but if I fail, you should try and hunt me down if you want to see it in person. :)



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I bow humbly to your

I bow humbly to your accomplishment. It's stunning.

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Extremely, and I mean it

Extremely, and I mean it wholeheartedly, fine knitting. Congratulations on working on it until done. Instant heirloom. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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OMG! You're a knitting

OMG! You're a knitting hero. It's beautiful!
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It's all been said - but

It's all been said - but mazel tov. It's beautiful.

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Beautiful, beautiful shawl.

Beautiful, beautiful shawl. Thanks for sharing.

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It looks amazing! Great

It looks amazing! Great job, I just hope one day I can make something as beatiful as this. I admire your ability to keep with this project.


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I couldn't NOT comment on

I couldn't NOT comment on this one despite all the previous congratulations on this project....I will add mine.

Your knitting is truly beautiful, and you pick such amazing projects. Congratulations on another fine job!

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I don't find the word in

I don't find the word in english to tell what I think... So...
C'est vraiment splendide, je suis époustouflé de la finesse et de la patience que tu as....
Même en Français, je ne trouve pas le terme exact...
C'est la huitième merveille du monde...
with a automatic translator..
It's really beautiful, I am amazed by the finesse and patience than you .... Even in French, I can not find the right word ... It's the eighth wonder of the world ...

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Kenny, that is the Sistine

Kenny, that is the Sistine Chapel of knitting!!!! A true masterpiece. I love everything about it and thanks for the link to the book, I'm going to get it.

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I really dont know what to

I really dont know what to say about this...except WONDERFUL, and how good you must feel to FINALLY finish´, it! What a beast of a piece! Really wonderful job!

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When I saw the picture, I

When I saw the picture, I thought it was a woven piece, it is so smooth and even. What a beautiful job. That is truly a masterpiece of work.

It's a wonderful piece of

It's a wonderful piece of work and your sister will adore it. Your commitment to finishing it amazes me.

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Kenny - wow! the detail is

Kenny - wow! the detail is beautiful. Your patence is incredible!


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Exquisite work, Kenny! You

Exquisite work, Kenny! You should be very proud!

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Kenny, I always expect

Kenny, I always expect anything you tackle to look fantastic but mister, you outdid yourself on this one. It sorta makes my lace project look pretty crappy.

I really is a beauty,


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Beautiful! So very

Beautiful! So very intricate! And, WOW, three whole years! I don't think I'd have the fortitude do attempt something like this. Great job!

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The pictures leave me

The pictures leave me speechless. Congratulations! Your commitment to completing this project encourages me press on. Thank you for sharing.

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Gosh! Thank you everyone for

Gosh! Thank you everyone for your kind words! I think my sister is going to like it..... eventhough it's 3 years late.

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Exquisite! It's astounding

Exquisite! It's astounding what can be created with such simple implements and material.

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Such beautiful craftsmanship

Such beautiful craftsmanship and a great color choice too -- Congratulations!

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Man, That is GORGEOUS!!!!

Man, That is GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations on getting it finished, you must (and should) feel great!

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I'm speechless. I really

I'm speechless. I really admire your tenacity and vision. Bravo!

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Wow... that is amazing and

Wow... that is amazing and beautiful and blows me away. I can't believe you could work on something for 3 years! You should be incredibly proud and pleased with yourself. Thanks for the pics!!

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A true work of art.

A true work of art. Congratualtions.

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Looks like it's worth the

Looks like it's worth the wait! Beautiful.

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Congratulations!'s a

Congratulations!'s a treasure and an instant family heirloom!

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Absolutely stunning. A real

Absolutely stunning. A real work of art. A master work. Congratulations!