Free glittens pattern?

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I'm looking for a free pattern for glittens (fingerless gloves with mitten cover). My Google searching is starting to get...well, irritating. Please help if you can. Thanks!

Patrick :)


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Oh damn. Well, if someone

Oh damn. Well, if someone like me were to have downloaded it, I'm sure they would not mind sharing if they received requests via private messages =P

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Thank you, Joe. I've heard

Thank you, Joe. I've heard of ravelry, but didn't visit there until reading your suggestion. I can't wait to make something that will actually fit my giant cold hands!

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Once you've joined Ravelry

Once you've joined Ravelry you will wonder how you were ever able to knit without it. Whenever anyone ever is looking for a pattern I send them to Ravelry. Most times what they are looking for is among the first few results.

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My favorite pattern for

My favorite pattern for these (and I wish I had pictures of the ones I made, because they turned out great) is the Intercostal Mittens pattern, it can be found on ravelry and is free. It doesn't have the mitten cap pattern attached, but for that I just used the reduction pattern to make caps from the Urban Necessity pattern (also on ravelry, and also free) and attached them across the knuckles. The mitten caps for the Urban Necessity gloves have a pattern worked on them, but if you just use the reduction pattern, ignoring the pattern and knitting in stockinette (or rib, or whatever you prefer) you'll come out with some great mitten caps that you can attach. Hope this helps!


*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Intercostal Mittens pattern

Intercostal Mittens pattern is no longer's being sold to benefit "Doctor's without Borders"...but the Urban Necessity is still free.
I just downloaded the PDF.
Thank you!