Felted Boot KAL 2009

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Thought I would post some pictures of my progress with the KAL. I have managed in the time for the first boot to knot both so I am going to knit a second pair in the second half of the KAL

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Well I felted the boots in

Well I felted the boots in my front loader. After 2 15 minute tries I ended up doing heat boost and two 30 minute tries. They have turned out amazingly well and are very warm on my feet. A little hint, when they say put in a pillow case they mean it, I need to clean yearn our of the machine. My friends trick with a pair of jeans worked well. With high efficiency machines like mine one one pair is needed or there is not enough water for the boots to be submerged in. Working on the second pair and two friends have asked me to make them for them as well.

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I'd love to see a pic of the

I'd love to see a pic of the felted results.

I had computer issues and

I had computer issues and was not connected when this started. Perhaps I will still do these. Post pics when you are done!

I am looking for to the rug making in April. I bought the book cause I thought it looked like a good resource in general.

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The pattern gives the

The pattern gives the shrinkage for sizing you measure you foot -it works out to about 75% of the prefelted weight. I am using a fromt loader maching with jeans in the load and have boosted the heat in it - the Yarn Harlet says it takes about 90 minutes so I am letting it run after stopping the machine every 15 minutes.

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Dan, how did you determine

Dan, how did you determine the degree of shrinkage, and what felting technique will you be using?