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I am making another baby blanket. The edge is a seed stitch and the body is a stockinete stitch. The problem is that the seed stitch border is folding over onto the blanket.... Help :-)


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Thank you all. As it

Thank you all. As it appears, 30 Helens agree that blocking is the solution. :-)

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If blocking doesn't solve

If blocking doesn't solve it, and you'd prefer not to knit a border around the entire blanket, you could always consider adding a fabric backing...a nice fleece fabric in complementary colors would be soft and warm.

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Find a round baby. No... the

Find a round baby.

No... the blocking should do it as scottly said.

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Something that will helps is

Something that will helps is a row of rib before you do the garter stitch border...You may want to check your gauge as well, if the fabric is REALLY firm, there will be more tension across the surface of the fabric, causing the flip... A baby blanket can be knit with a bit more drape (looser gauge) than say, a sweater. Another thing is a wider garter boarder: greater weight of the border and less likelihood to flip up. Af course, as scottly says, blocking will usually (but not always) help.

Good luck.

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Blocking will generally

Blocking will generally solve that problem.