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Finally after days of promising pictures (I know, you must have been sitting on the edge of your seats) I found my camera cable and was able to take some pictures of the sweater I'm working on =)

As I said, it's my first attempt at a sweater, let alone any kind of fitted garment, but I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I just have the sleeves, hood, and seaming to finish. Wish me luck!

PS- I almost forgot! There are a few more pictures posted on my blog- http://theactorknits.blogspot.com

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Very nice knitting, Joe.

Very nice knitting, Joe. The slight looseness in purls will even out with practice, yet never seems to go completely away. That Vee-neck is very good looking. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looks very nice!! Very even

Looks very nice!! Very even stitches!

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Thanks Mill! This sweater

Thanks Mill! This sweater has been a great exercise in tension. I've found I have the opposite problem- my purls are a little looser so I got better about keeping it a little more even. There are definitely a few hidden ridge lines, I'm sure haha. I actually found the worst problem I had was increasing because if I did a traditional pick-up stitch increase, it created a hole because the yarn is so thick and the needles are so big. I found the M1 increase worked a bit better in this pattern.

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Great job! Your stitches

Great job! Your stitches are so even! That's something I struggle with on knitting flat pieces back and forth because I knit looser than I purl and get ridge lines often times. I really like the collar. Can't wait to see the finished product!


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The yarn is DROPS Eskimo

The yarn is DROPS Eskimo from garnstudio in Medium Grey and Black. $3.50/skein of 50g- I used 1 skein of the black, and am going to need approximately 12 or 13 of the grey, so my theory that knitting my own clothes would be cheaper than buying them sort of flew out the window on this one haha. I don't mind, though- it still makes it better to know I made it =)

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Looking good! I'm going to

Looking good! I'm going to have to look into that pattern. There's something about attempting sweaters that freaks me out... I'm scared of spending all that time (and all that yarn!) into something I might never wear...

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Thanks for the pictures,

Thanks for the pictures, showing it in pieces makes it alot less intimatating to me. I've never done a sweater or anything more fitted then a pair of socks before either. I might have to try and I like the idea using such big needles and bulky yarn to speed the process along. What is the yarn? It looks alot like Lamb's Pride bulky.

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Good progress- look forward

Good progress- look forward to seeing it finished.

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Thanks Chris! The pattern is

Thanks Chris! The pattern is Drops 85-1:

It's been pretty easy so far, and it goes very fast! The yarn (although expensive) is very soft, and thick so on the 11/13 needles I finished the back in one day. Overall I'm happy with it =)

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Hey hotsuff, Looks like

Hey hotsuff,

Looks like very good work ... what pattern??? The tension looks pretty freakin' even in the pics.