First FO of the Decade

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I knit up this child's sweater to send to Afghanistan. No pattern - I just improvised based on EZ's saddle shoulder instructions, with modifications made where necessary to account for the size and for the cables running up each sleeve and into the saddles. Now that this one's all done, I'm working on a top down raglan of about the same size, also improvised.

The yarn for both is Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool. I believe it's about the only 100% wool yarn they produce, and I've been really pleasantly surprised at how nice it is for being quite inexpensive. At some point, I'm thinking I may need to get enough to make myself a cardi.


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Very Nice. I've been

Very Nice. I've been looking forward to photos since reading about it on your blog. Looking forward, too, for photos of the next projects. Thanks for the mini-review of the yarn: I've looked at it but haven't tried it yet. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Albert: Got it at the JoAnn

Albert: Got it at the JoAnn on Brighton Ave. in Portland and the oatmeal was the only colorway they had on hand. Not a problem, since I love all the natural colors. Also got two skeins, so the second sweater will be in the same colorway, just a very different look.

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That is a wonderful gesture

That is a wonderful gesture and a great little sweater. Thanks for the report on the yarn. I have seen it in stores but have never knit anything with it.

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Afghanistan eh! (That's a

Afghanistan eh! (That's a Canadian "huh") Terrific idea.

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Isn't it gratifying to

Isn't it gratifying to create your own design? Well done! I agree that the Lion brand fisherman's yarn has a nice feel. It also comes in a natural dark brown.