Men who Convention???

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Mike in Tampa aka stickywarp actually gave me this idea.  What do you guys think about having a convention or gathering somewhere like, I don't know, maybe, February?  I have an acquaintance at a convention-type hotel in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area who could help to set it up.  My questions for you all are:  How much would you be willing to spend in terms of time and money?  What kind of program(s) would you like to see? Classes? Yarn crawls?  Vendors?  Should we bow?  Should we curtsy?  Should we give them Tiparillos?   (OOPS.  Wrong room.)  Let me know what you think please.

Bob in Fort Lauderdale,  Where the boys are...but they don't knit...poor things

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As long as I don't have any

As long as I don't have any conflicts, I'm in!  I've been wanting to get together with a group of men who knit for the LONGEST time!

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hey, that's a brilliant

hey, that's a brilliant idear!! not sure if i would be able to make FLA in feb, but i am all behind starting some sort of convention/meeting/gathering for the group. i might even be convinced to donate any graphic design services.

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i'd love to be there, but

i'd love to be there, but not sure I could make it.  My partner is in Mexico, so I go there when I can to visit...

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I don't know if I could make

I don't know if I could make February because it's usually a particularly busy month at work, but I would seriously consider coming.  Incidentally, I just had a thought that the photo I posted to my profile on MWK needs to be updated. It's about 3 years old. I'm not sure anyone would recognize me from it!Surprised

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I'm game!  I would also

I'm game! 

I would also like to propose a future conference here in Seattle (not in February, of course - September is the best month here.)  I believe that we have more LYS's per capita than any other city in the US (not to mention great coffee, wonderful wine, a lively nightlife and ME!)

Consider it!

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One more thought - Fiber

One more thought - Fiber Trends (the company that put together the pattern for the clogs) is about a 2 hour drive from downtown Seattle.

OH MY GOD!!!At any price I


At any price I will be there!  Do you think Fla is ready?  Are they really going to let Chris Vandenburg in? Wink


 P A R T A Y ! ! !   

 P A R T A Y ! ! !    This *could* have legs . . . and in a good way!

 I think this would be a hoot.  As far as SO's are concerned, in my case, my other half of 24.5 years would rather be dragged by his tongue through a K-Mart Parking lot rather than be with a bunch of other "Goat-People" like his all too Fabulous other half.  (ahem)

But, who knows?  When I teach, I have husbands, wives, the odd livestock show up 'cause they want to be "involved" in their DS's hobbies.  (I always fear getting a cavity when I hear that stuff . . .)  So, I'd say bring 'em on.  The worst that could happen is that they might pick up a set of needles and star . . . . . . uh, . . . . . . . well, . . . . . OK!  There *MIGHT* be things worse that could happen but, one Man's Trash, is another Man's Treasure, wouldn't you say . . . .?

Depending on where we had it, Schloss Keach-Ninow has a full suite on the 2nd floor available for thems that needs it:  Bedroom, adjoining bath and full private den.  Alas, the bar is downstairs so, you'll just have to suck it up and go out by the pool.

~Mike in (not as hot as NYC but REALLY HOT) Tampa

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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2nd Time = A Mistake

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President's W/E I have the

President's W/E I have the Monday & Tuesday off! Feb. 19th & 20th

It will be cold here then so good to get away. 

Knit away, knit away

Is the "token straight guy"

Is the "token straight guy" allowed? 

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My intention was for this to

My intention was for this to be a men's event, gay, straight or otherwise.  Besides, I was hoping I could get Biker Mike from Miami to demonstrate hand-spinning for us as well as show us some of the things he has made for historical re-enactments.

 Luv 'n' Stuff, Bob in Fort Lauderdale Where the boys are...but they don't knit...poor things

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I I could match that up with

I I could match that up with a visit to the in-laws in Melbourne, I'll do it!

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Count me in!  That sounds

Count me in!  That sounds fun.  Just as long as I can sleep on your crotch...ooops, I mean couch.  Actually I have a friend here in Dallas that has a place in FL.

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Wierdly enough I will be in

Wierdly enough I will be in Florida in February; just outside of Tampa. Sadly - it will be a flying visit to celebrate my father's 90th - then back to the wastelands of Upstate NY

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