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So, I just got a "Special Offer" for Vogue Knitting in the mail today. Is it worth it? Should I subscribe?


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I have one issue that I

I have one issue that I bought on eBay as it had a pattern I truly wanted. But beyond that, I haven't found anything really worth a subscription.

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I subscribed quite some time

I subscribed quite some time ago but found it really not worth the trouble. Same reasons: Not enough men's fashions [or so "trendy" as to be hideous] and just not enough usable information to justify the cost. I figure I'll buy a copy at the magazine rack if I find enough patterns, etc. to warrant the cost. Same with most knitting magazines, actually: I only get Knitter's as a matter of course. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks guys! I sorta

Thanks guys! I sorta figured that I wouldn't get it. Just wondered if any of you had found it helpful before.

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I subscribed to it a few

I subscribed to it a few years ago and let the subscription run out. There were hardly any projects for men's things. It was also very high fashion, which is fine if that is what you are looking for. I decided I was not. Definitely go to a store and look at a copy or the library, before you subscribe.

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Since they hardly ever have anything for men I would not waste my time on the magazine. Otherwise is a good magazine to look at. Go to the store and look at it, I got the same promotion, but I can tell you that from the times that I have seen it on the stands, I have never bought an issue.

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Buck, The decision to

The decision to subscribe or not would depend on you. What is it that you would be looking to the magazine to provide for you? Patterns? Informative articles? Fashion ideas? It would perhaps be a good idea to explore previous issues to see if they suit your needs/wants/expectations from a magazine.