A Hat a Day

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For giggles, on top of my other work...I've decided that I'm going to try to knit a hat a day for 2010. Actually, my goal is to bank them, so I have all 265 done by the beginning of December, and then I'll sell them on Etsy or something. (Those that I don't give away for Xmas gifts, at least. Thus far, it's the 4th, and I've knit 6, and about 1/3 through #7. I've discovered this really cute garter stitch short row sideways knit hat, which I've put a flip on, so it has a cuff. Really lovely. Takes me about 1.5 hrs. to knit in worsted. Really lovely with a noro type yarn. LOVE IT. Plus, I have all my quarter hats to do, and some other designs I'm playing around with. I'll keep y'all posted.


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Knitting hats is my favorite

Knitting hats is my favorite - they can be whipped out pretty fast though I think I've only been able to complete one in a days time before and that was on a 12 hour road trip. But you're probably much faster then I. I can't wait to see how your hats evolve, maybe you should publish the results as a sort of calender book - I would buy it - a hat pattern for everyday of the year.

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I'd love to see pix too...

I'd love to see pix too... and a pattern!

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My goodness...No wonder you

My goodness...No wonder you never seem to get enough sleep. Lots of luck on the endeavor and please keep us posted. That sideways hat sounds intriguing in NORO; I'm doing a fall-back standard watchcap right now but may consider another pattern if this doesn't work out. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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uhmmm...that would be THREE

uhmmm...that would be THREE hundred and sixty five....

1.5 hours four a hat? It takes me about 4 days.....


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If I remember correctly,

If I remember correctly, last year Bob was working on sweaters at about one sweater every 3 days or so. I hope he uses metal needles so they don't catch fire. (only spark a little).

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Bob, Please keep us up-dated

Please keep us up-dated on your progress of this endeavor. Sounds like quite a challenge.

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I cannot wait tp see the

I cannot wait tp see the climbing pile of freshly spat-out head huggers leaping from your needles in the dog days of August. The commitment to be a machine-knitter, against all odds, illness, issues, and social demands. What a man!

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For giggles? That's not

For giggles? That's not funny... ;-)

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Yeah, like da man said,

Yeah, like da man said, howzabout pics? Ya gots somtin against pics or sumtin? We gots ways to make ya spill da beans and come up wit da pics ya know. It'd be pretty bad awful if sumtin were ta happen to dose hats, ya know? I'm just sayin'....

(New Year's resolution #15: be a bit more assertive)

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How about pics?

How about pics?