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does anyone remember a post a few months back with an AMAZING dark gray sweater that had diagonal cables on the torso? they mimicked the ever so lovely adonis' belt muscles that the thin and fit have. if i remember correctly, the guy who designed them was in NYC, maybe even brooklyn. and we got a picture or two of a nice young man wearing them. i'm thinking i'd like to make that sweater for my husband! any help appreciated.


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Yes, It CAN be knit in the

Yes, It CAN be knit in the round, but it takes a bit of fiddling.
NYbuilt may be your best knitting buddy on this one as he is knitting it in the round. I like seams and what they do for structure and ease of knitting, but I understand the attraction of knitting in the round. I live in NYC so when I design, I usually consider how the work might be carried around.

The difficulty in doing this in the round is that, unless you plan to use a ton of steeks (do you know about steeks?) there is a significant portion that needs to be done flat. The upper portions of the body, and, of course, the horizontal bands across the chest to be specific.

For the main body, the only part that can EASILY be joined for working in the round is the lower body.

The sleeves are easily done in the round, but the sleeve caps are quite shaped and tailored for a better fit and that means that they will still need to be sewn in. Elizabeth Zimmerman's method of knitting a seamless set-in sleeve sweater in the round COULD be done if you join in the round above the chest band...again...lots of fiddling, and I feel that it would overly complicate an already complicated knit.

I may just try to create a modification of the design so that it can be done more easily in the round. It won't happen super soon though...Lemme contemplate this.....

If you are familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Hand-to-Hand sweater, this might be a good would cast on at the hem of one sleeve, knit your way through the entire sleeve up to just after you have bound off for the armpit. NEXT, you would work short rows to create a shaped cap at the top of the sleeve instead of the increase and decrease method used in the original pattern. Make sure you mark center of the sleeve/shoulder. After all short rows are done, you will just commence the chest cable, following the number of repeats as written in the pattern, whilst simultaneously increasing every 6 rows or so on either side of the center shoulder marker. I can't really describe the shaping of the neck opening easily in this posting, but the principle of creating a shaped neck opening is much the same no matter which direction you are knitting. A beautiful side effect of this method is that you have the option of continuing the cable pattern from the sleeve over the shoulder and into the yoke, creating a false saddle look and getting more bang for your cabling buck..after all its just a few additional repeats of the cable pattern before you're binding off for the neck shaping.

Following the crazy neck shaping, you would bind off for the center front cardigan opening, and then cast on for the opposite side and do everything in reverse order ending at the opposite cuff.

The body can then be picked up and worked the round with steeks, or worked flat, but without side seams.

In this method I feel like there would be a lot less fiddling with the simply turning the yoke sideways, you can eliminate a lot of seaming.


Hope this helps!


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Thank god I actually LIKE

Thank god I actually LIKE seaming. I don't have to hurt my brain with all this creative math.

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I remember that sweater. Its

I remember that sweater. Its going to be my first cables/ sweater project

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BTW...the model in the photo

BTW...the model in the photo of the Carlito Cardigan on Ravelry IS Mathew Gnagy, the designer. Yup, he is not just handsome...he's Knitting Pattern Handsome. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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Okay....blushing now! M

Okay....blushing now!


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That's a Brit thing you

That's a Brit thing you know: "Knitting pattern good looks" is a term I used to hear all the time. Evidently, in the day, they used really handsome men to sell the patterns. So there, buster.

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oh, you are on my stalk list

oh, you are on my stalk list now, buddy. hot, beefy knitwear designer?! watch out!!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
I have to tell you that the pattern is fantastic, great vision and talent. This is one of my projects for 2010.

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Hey there! If you need help

Hey there! If you need help with this pattern, I have knit it 4..almost 5 times...I know it inside and out...if you encounter anything at all that you need help with...let me know!


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it was, indeed, the carlito.

it was, indeed, the carlito. thanks loads, guys!

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It is the Carlito Cardigan,

It is the Carlito Cardigan, and I'm proud to say, the designer has corrected and re-written the pattern. It is awesome...finishing it up now that I have the time. I have signed on to do some sample work for his new book. I can't wait. His patterns are complex, original, smart and very the men I like.

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You can find it on ravelry

You can find it on ravelry under the name carlito cardigan. But be careful with the pattern, it is said to be full of errors.
A happy New Year to everybody wishes

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Per the author that

Per the author that situation has been corrected. See his post in the Carlito Cardigan thread.


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I remember the photo - but I

I remember the photo - but I haven't been able to pull it up in a search.

Was it the carlito?

I thought there was another one....

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I love the back of the

I love the back of the sweater. That's usually such a 'THROWAWAY" by most designers, butt in this case (pun intended) the back is just as fetching as the front.