Accused of lying...a good thing!

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The shawl that I knit for a girl at work -- she loves it and so does everyone in her family.

Well, I saw her yesterday for the first time since Christmas and she came up to me and said. "Did you use a machine to knit that?" and I responded, of course, "No."

...and her comeback was "...are you lying?" and I insisted "No."

I explained to her that I don't own a knitting machine and I think she got the point when I nearly spat out "...and CERTAINLY not a round one..." meaning, of course, that circular knitting is my favorite type and will knit the day long round and round on a good set of circulars.

Apparently, her mother was giving it the once-over and won't believe that this could have been done by hand (speaking of the even-ness of the tension and the frilly cast-off.

I'm going to have to meet this woman sometime and bring my knitting and show her what I do.

If I'm going to be accused of being a liar, it might as well be something like this where it's a compliment to my work.



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You only need fear when your

You only need fear when your work gets labeled Home-Made...not Hand-Made. You have been honored, and it proves that people make beautiful hand-made objects...not men or women.

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Nice!!! Even better is


Even better is when they insist that something so nice couldn't possibly have been knit by a man! I've heard that a couple of times.

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Very good point, Aaron. --

Very good point, Aaron. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice that you had a

Nice that you had a backhanded compliment. Still, amazing that they equate Handmade with irregular quality. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Just feel flattered Robert -

Just feel flattered Robert - not to mention smug.

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I frequently get the

I frequently get the incredulous "You made these!" when I give someone a pair of socks that I've made. Fine crafstmanship is sadly not something that most people have been exposed to.

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You go boy!! That's awesome!

You go boy!! That's awesome!

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Tell her you'll pay her a

Tell her you'll pay her a thousand dollars if she can find your shawl in a store.

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Amen, so be it! It's odd how

Amen, so be it!

It's odd how the terms "hand made" and "irregular" go together in so many peoples minds.

I remember the amazement on one persons face when they discovered that an early knitting machine was refused funding because it ONLY knit 10 sttiches per inch, when many hand knitters at the time were producing items with 20 to 25 stitches per inch.

Or the samples of velvet with up to 10 differrent lenghths of pile (hand made) - or other feats of fiber technology which are not feasible today (I would say "not possible" - but that is more econoomics then technological)

Now when you get into jewelry making - there are some techniques that are truly "lost" - and not duplicatable today.