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This is a pair I finished a few weeks ago. The yarn is Felici that I got from Knit Picks. The colorway is Rainbow which they currently have back-ordered.

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Who's on Twitter? Let me know. My Twitter name is: @colagay

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More Doilies

Just a couple more doilies. I have a lace scarf that I've got to block and then I'll post. Of course, the last doily picture still has to be blocked as well.

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7 x 7 Throw

I had a bunch of worsted weight acrylic yarn that I wanted to use up so I double stranded the yarn and used a larger needle size. This is just a 7 x 7 rib throw. The only thing I would do differently if I was knitting again would be to add an additional 7 stitches in garter on the other side. I didn't think about it and one side is stockinette and of course it wanted to curl.

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Hemlock Ring Doily

This was an enjoyable knit.

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