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Must have!!!

'nuff said.


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Just In Time!

I actually finished these last week, but didn't get them posted until today.

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I'm in a good mood today.

Lately, that's been a rare thing.

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IK Spring 2010

*Begin rant apropos to this forum.*

I'm miffed!

...and let me tell you WHY:

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Taxation WITH Representation

...representing knitting!!! (of course)

Let's see...

36 skeins of mixed media (different types of yarn...wool and other stuff) at Central Yarn Shop in Portland, Maine

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Update on Tartan

It's official!!!

My tartan, "Cailleach" is now officially registered in the Scottish Register of Tartans!!!


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Accused of lying...a good thing!

The shawl that I knit for a girl at work -- she loves it and so does everyone in her family.

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Do Folks Know Me (or what?) ETA:WITH the picture this time...

6 skeins of "special"
4 balls of cotton
2 hanks of Bartlett
1 golden hand-dyed (hold the note...hold the note...hold the note...off!)
Yarn shop gift certificate
And a gift card

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Knitting seems to always creep in...

...and it's a very good thing!!!

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...all of those who we've lost...

...all of those that survive...


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