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Irregular Rib Raglan sweater

Has anyone bit into this pattern yet? It is in Loop-d-Loop. I am getting ready to shape the second shoulder and am plain stumped.

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curling queery

I am making another baby blanket. The edge is a seed stitch and the body is a stockinete stitch. The problem is that the seed stitch border is folding over onto the blanket.... Help :-)

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commission project number two

I am in the middle of a corkscrew scarf (Loop-d-Loop) and it is fun! Once I practiced my short rows and used a stich marker I am aces!

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sold a blanket

I sold my first baby blanket today. The yarn was purchased and provided to me (acyrlic.... oh well). It has a seed stitch border and the main pattern is a basket weave.

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how much to charge

How much would you all charge for a baby blanket? I have two pending orders for me to complete and they are very willing to pay me :-)

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Kilt Patterns

My next item to learn is a Kilt. Does anyone have a good resource for a wool kilt?

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