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Happy new year - and resolutions?

Dear fellow knitters,

Happy new year to you all from London.

It seems that Quinton has done better than me on the knitted gift front - my Dad'd jumper never even made it onto the needles, let alone off. Although I did finish a felted reindeer table mat (!!!!!) and a cable hat...

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Ganesy programme

Dear Knitters,

Hope you all had a good Christmas. I was back at my desk today and heard this great programme on bathe radio about Ganseys. There weren't a lot of male knitters in the programme - but it was moving and interesting and great radio. You can listen to it here:



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Advanced Increases

I came across this on line and thought I'd share. They're symmetrical increases which would be great for knitting a sleeve in the round.

Happy viewing!


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Any ideas

I want to knit something for a very dear friend in LA for her birthday in September.

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Tie Pattern FREE

Dear Friends,

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Dear All,

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Knit your own Royal Wedding

Thankfully, my partaking of the Royal Wedding will be limited as I'll be cooking and probably finishing my tie for my own do ... but if you're in need of a stash buster....

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Seed Stich decreases...Wedding tie!

Dear friends,

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Chunky Zimmermann

Hey folks,

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Herringbone jacket - at last

Some of you may remember the nightmare I was having a few months ago with the Herringbone Jacket I was knitting for my other half from 'Classic Knits for Men'.

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