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Sock Pattern Testers Needed

Dear Friends,

I've been trying to put together a toe-up sock pattern and think I've got it working.

Here's the concept; I wanted:
1) An ULTRA-EASY pattern
2) A TOE-UP pattern

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Well, I gave Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket a try (the first time I've done a Zimmerman pattern - will definitely check more of her patterns out!) Made it up with Knitpicks Swish s

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Book: Guy Knits... know anything about it?

I just clicked through on an add for a pre-order on a book called "Guy Knits"

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Hiking Socks... Great 1st time sock project if you've never tried socks before

I just finished the Hiking Socks out of the Knitting (Man)ual (I just made them in one color though). Talk about quick!

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Flat Knit Gloves

I'm currently working on a cabled scarf out of the Knitting (Man)ual but dont' have any little projects planned after that (I do have a bigger one - another sweater for my daughter).

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Labyrinth Finished! Happy 33rd to me!

Unbeknownst to me, without any intention to do so whatsoever, I managed to finish the final touches on my labyrinth just as the clock was turning over to my 33rd birthday. Fun. huh?!

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HELP: Koolhaas Hat

I'm on row 4 of the crown on the Koolhaas hat and it calls for:
1/1 RPC, sl 1, k2tog, psso, 1/1 LPC

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Recycling question....

I've decided to give something new a try.... Here's the idea: I'm going to go to Good Will (or Salvation Army... haven't decided) pick up a wool sweater... frog it... and knit something new myself.

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Labyrinth Started!

Well, I've started (actually, I've started 3 times... I'm continuing this one!) I've learned a number of things so far:

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Help estimating yarn

I'm putting together a knitting project -- It's a knit 2-color labyrinth. I've been kind-of working on the chart for a while and it's basically finished.

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