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They Won't Knit!

Check out my latest blog about those who don't knit and their reasonable alternatives: drugs and alcohol, monastic life, institutionalization or euthanasia.

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Holy Blog Batman!!!

I'm not sure what has happened in the past few days, but my blog ( has caught fire!!!! A bunch of Ravelers started sharing my posts in forums and I have been seeing tremendous traffic! I love it!!! Thanks for allowing my to explode my excitement all over your day. :)

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Taxonomy of Knitters

Knitters are an important genus within the hominidae family. Although much work has been done to describe the various species within the genus, some work remains to do. Here I hope to describe a few of the more common species' characteristics and introduce the uninitiated to some of the lesser known varieties.

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Ripening Yarn

Yarn is like a fine wine. While it can be used immediately upon production, the best yarn goes through a process known as ripening.

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To see all my gorgeous images, check out the full blog at...

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There are projects that require a certain level of focus above and beyond “normal” knitting. Beginning those projects is always easy. The excitement of choosing the intricate pattern and finding the perfect yarn carry over in to the first stitch. The project always moves along quickly for a while, but then, life tends to creep in.

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This weekend I had the great fortune to take a class with Stephen West and his friend Ragga. They were fantastic!!! The class was called RagaWest Idea Tank.

I was at the Fancy Tiger in Denver a while back and they told me about the class coming up. I signed up immediately. The last one sold out before I even heard of it so I wanted to make sure I got a seat.

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Knitter's Block

I have to confess, there is a small piece of knitting that I would rather do without. I will spend months hand spinning yarn, choosing the perfect pattern and slaving over the insanely detailed instructions to produce an heirloom quality piece of work.

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The Gift Of Potential

Everyone loves getting presents but as a fiber artist, I’ve discovered a world of gifts that I never imagined. These are the gifts of potential.

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Snorting Yarn- Confessions of a yarn addict

Hello. My name is Jonathan and I’m a yarn addict. I have to admit that I am powerless over yarn, that my life has become unmanageable.

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