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one more try !


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Circular fair isle yoke pullover picture

Giving this another shot!

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Circular Yoke Fair Isle

I designed and knit this pullover last month. Wool is Knit Picks "Palette", used US # 4 needles. Knit from bottom up...body and sleeves connected and finished with yoke. I love it when all the math works out right and the visualized design becomes reality!

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Sweater Picture

Here is a picture of sweater. Did not attatch first time!

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Oldie, but Goodie !

I designed and knit this sweater 30 years ago. I was exploring the Nordic tradition, so this was knit in the round with cut steeks for the sleeves. I added the red hem facings to add a secret dash of fun and pazazz! This was a "cropped" style which a big departure from the long and loose sweaters that I was making at that time. I wore this yesterday and received raves and compliments.

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Here is my version of "wingspan" using 60 st instead of 90. Yarn is Crazy Zauberball, color 1702 ombre.

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I have posted lots of pictures of my knitting on Facebook ,if you care to view.

As you can see, this is my passion!

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Knitting Website

Check out this website....very good and comprehensive for beginner knitters....

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More usefull lace!

For those of you who knit magnificent lace shawls in wooley fibers(wool,alpaca,mohair,etc.) why not work in #10 crochet cotton or linen thread (available at and create a round or square tablecloth? Your work can then be displayed and used on your own table and does not require a female to wear it! Also, cotton and linen are stronger and less fragile as lace.....heirlooms forever!

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