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Finished second cowl

Tonight I bound off my second cowl. This one is to be a Christmas present. I used the same pattern I used with the first cowl I completed a week or so ago, the "Purl Ridge Scarf" cowl pattern by Stephen West.

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Finished cowl

I finished knitting my cowl scarf tonight and blocked it. The scarf is drying now.

You might recall I posted a week or so ago about wanting to knit a cowl for myself. I decided on the "Purl Ridge Scarf" cowl pattern by Stephen West.

As soon as it's dry and I get it photographed, I'll post photos. - Tom

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Bulky cowl patterns

I've been thinking of knitting myself a bulky cowl scarf for this winter. Maybe a mobius style, maybe not. Maybe one that also doubles as a hood, maybe not. Does anyone have a tried and true pattern to suggest?

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Holden Shawlette

I blocked this shawlette yesterday. I'm so embarrassed that it's not one of Mario's patterns. Sorry Mario - you know I'm totally dedicated to your patterns!

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Lamb's Pride Bulky

I'm thinking about making my partner a hat using Lamb's Pride Bulky (he desperately needs a hat.) He want to know if the yarn scratchy.

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Back Tracking: First Circular Lace Project Finally Blocked

As you may have gathered, I've been trying to catch up and block all the lace projects I've completed but never took the time to block.

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OT: Waiting for Election Returns

I'm crazed and nervous as we begin to watch the election returns. My guess is I'm not alone.

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Queen Anne Lace Shawl #3 Blocked

It's true, Mario. After completing it last fall, I finally blocked my Queen Anne's Lace Shawl #3. I have to say it's a variegated whirlwind (nightmare) as I had expected.

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Finally Blocked my "Summer Into Fall" shawl

I finished knitting this in early July and just finally got around to blocking it today. Here's a picture of it drying on my blocking board. I used JaggerSpun Maine Line 2/8 in curry color.

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My first Niebling

Here's an in-progress photo of my first Niebling, "Lotus Flower". I have to say it's the most complicated pattern I've knit to date. It's going fine, just real slowly.

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