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It's nice out!

Well I sure am glad it’s nice outside. Went out on my lunch break to knit, boy an hour goes by fast! But I got plenty done and started daydreaming about what I want to do next…still no idea…

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Rockford LYS

Well my town sure needs a LYS... Just went out to find some yarn for the next project. So bummed, of the 2 stores in town, one has a crappy selection and the other is closing on the 31st.

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Knitting in Rage!!!

Okay so it is a good idea to knit while so darn angry???

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Preparing for a cruise

Okay so not that many people book a cruise just to sit around and knit. But that is what I decided to do, maybe I should have book the trip a little sooner to avoid such high airfare.

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