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Sky Blue Turtleneck

This is:
Oversized Turtleneck
by Bruce Weinstein
from Boyfriend Sweaters: 19 Designs for him that you'll want to wear

I made probably the worst mistake you could make when making something like this... I did not make a swatch. I paid for it! Next time. It still came out fine. Lesson learned.

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This is my first attempt at socks. I made them about 5 years ago, before I knew anything about making socks, not that I know that much about them now. They are knit with a seam that must be sewn instead of in the round. LOL. I initially made these for my mother in law before finding out she didn't like pink. I instead made her the Beaded Teal Scarf in my projects and kept the sock for myself.

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Great Article on Knitting Challenge

Though they didn't win, I'm sure it was a valiant attempt!

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Purple Cowl

Just a little Something..... :-)

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Swants!!! LOL

Something Interesting!

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Lavender Sweater Finally!!!

I am so glad I have something done. This feels good and also a sigh of relief! Now on to the next one.

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Hello Gentlemen,

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Posted by Vogue Knitting on Facebook, Advice Column Dear John

I thought some might enjoy this :-)

Dear John
My husband took up knitting a few years ago when it was undergoing a bit of a resurgence. He's always loved making things, he's a very fussy knot-tier from his days in the Navy, and I think the incongruity of a man like him knitting (he's kind of a man's man) appealed to him, too.

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Just thought some would like this pic

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Question Regarding i-cord construction:

What is your instrument of choice and why?
1. Double Point Needles
2. Embellish Knit
3. French Knitter

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