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starry starry night scarf

thought this downloaded...guess not. Sorry it's sideways.

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pictures perhaps antler scarf...

I dunno. It's growning on me...Very Andy Goldsworthy "Rivers & Tides" somehow...

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Antler scarf redux

Sometimes it's wiser to set something aside rather than to frog it... I was hating the antler scarf that I was working on.

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Antler scarf

I'm going to do the antler scarf from "Son of Stitch and Bitch"...I have a really nice yarn, shades of gold, green, silver and chocolate that may hide the pattern a bit, but I think will be lovely.

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scarves and speedy speed.

The scarf for Irishcub is done, and am working on another one...watched the Brit "Queer as Folk" season 1 and knit last night.

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computer stuff~well and truly autumn

My new (used) computer: an apple powerbook G4, does not recognize when I've plugged in my cannon digital camera...My old PC showed a device plugged in...this one does NOTHING and I am getting a little

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started a purty scarf

Watched two DVD's last night...both documentaries...Yes, always trying to improve himself, that's our boy.

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Too much?

I have this GORGEOUS yarn: think a pretty version of camo~ Forest and emerald green, gold, chocolate brown, rust, in a light was designed for heavy winter socks (toasty toes or some such)

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There was a distinct nip in the air this morning... I am wearing my fuzzy mohair sweater today...the first sweater of the autumnal season.

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for colour reference only

This doesn't look like a wedding announcment, does it?

Wouldn't you knit kilt stockings for this man? I surely would. maybe a matching hat as well.


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