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I'm looking for a commercially (or semi-commercially) available long stapled wool or wool blend in a weight anywhere from lightworsted to bulky that can be brushed (IE: It should be singles, NOT plied

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here dey is...

Prototype for sweater jacket...

Brushed lincoln wool body with a hoodie in wool/alpaca.mohair.
INCREDIBLY COMFY. I have been wearing it everyday for 3 days. LOVE. IT!

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So, I have some fabulous pictures of the Sweater Jacket prototype, but they're too big to post here. How do I resize them so I can post?

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NYE: Up at all hours

I saw the new year in and then some: Knitted until 6 am...Thank goodness for Toby Stephens in Jane Eyre on PBS...

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where'd ya get a hat like that?

Nothing exciting...Just a hat I made from ball ends: It was my emergency knit project that I carried in the truck...stopped in traffic, boring wait, blah blah blah...time is never wasted if you have

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dog hat

I want to make a hat that looks like someone has the head of a wolf or dog on their head. You know...the type of hat with ears and a nose and the whole bit. Does anyone know of a pattern?

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nothing nothing nothing...SPLOOSH!!!!

Making up for not posting in a long time.
I want to try a top down raglan sweater.
Heavy worsted 4.5 st/in.

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Should I or shouldn't I?

So, I got this one sweater in to re-tailor...Men's, purple silky wool. It was knitted a wee bit too open and, per silk, has grown. I can wear it as is but it's a little oversized.

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what happened?

I'm back. Yes, I've been knitting. Mostly hats, sweater repairs... I was up until 3 am retailoring a purple muppet of a cardigan for this lady... (no wool, all soft, fuzzy, muppet acrylic)...

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I am visiting my friend Jim in Walpole, NH, and it is snowy weather. His knee is hurting him (acl surgery scheduled for a fortnight from now) so we can't go for hikes in the woods...So, of course, I taught him how to knit, and he's taken to it like a pro: Got the basics in less than an hour, and thus far today he has knit 3 inches on a simple garter scarf (brown sheep worsted: 34 st on size 9's....could have done size 10' fault, scarf could have more drape) but it's all good and he's buzzing right along for such a curmudgeonly old woodchuck...

I whipped out a hat in Adirondec (sp?) organic cotton (not terrible to knit with for a cotton,) but as I was making it up as I went along, it is a little on the largish side. I will probably pull the whole thing out and start again: It took about 2 hours to do. No big deal... All is good: I return to Portland on Monday.... I miss my kids (horses) and the gardens, but it is nice to visit with my friend.


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