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Needle Threader

long time lurker, found this needle threader the other day thought I'd share in case I wasn't the only one that didn't know they existed.

Quick mothers day present


Throw finally finished

I've just uploaded some images of a throw that I have finished, I think you will find the images under recent posts.


Recent work

Hi all,

what to do with odds and ends

I like most here have lots of left over bits of yarn from various projects made over the years.

Knitting tips

thought I'd pass this on. The following url is for a German website, under Knitting tips there is a list of pdf pages in both German and English which people may find useful.
Happy knitting,

Recent work

still getting the hang of posting!
I've just completed the first square of a four square throw.
This one is 80cm by 80cm (32"by 32") in grey 45% wool 45% acrylic and 10% mohair.
I've just started the second square in chocolate brown 100% wool.

The socks I made on my knitting machine, first pair I've been happy with. They are made from 75% wool and 25% nylon.


New Member, old knitter

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