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I dislike sewing in loose ends very much.

It's ironic that I just finished my first double colored ENTRELAC scarf.... And sadly I have a lot of sewing to do.... Just one thought.. What comes first, blocking or sewing? I really don't sew and then block and have to re sew lose ends.... It's my first project with stomach sewing.
Just in time for new years :)

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Nucleic acids and wool =)

So its been a while since I wrote an entry... Not a lot to show off but what I do have I'm very proud of =)

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Pondering over tuna tataki

Today over lunch, I was wondering.... is it just me or does 100% wool smell REALLY bad!!???

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Mommy´s Pashmina

Just sharring my progress on the pashmina wrap im working on =)... im soo happy on how its coming together =)...

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So I started a project that i´ve wanted to do for a really long time that had been postponed because of my lack of yarnology.

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Med school sucks

Soo.. I have two skeins of yarn that apparently have no destination yet (mentioned in a previous blog entry).. I DESPERATELY need a new project.

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Epic fail of the year!... I tripped and fell in mud while wearing hospital scrubs and white lab robe. EXCELENT laugh for everyone including myself...

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Being #1

Last night´s insomnia event ended in 3 hours of extra study time and only 2 hours of sleep... Thank God for Starbucks and their double shot Caramel Macchiato. My exam went ... well.. it went..

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SOo.. its like 12:26 at the moment and I have a Microbiology exam tomorrow morning.. wuppy thank bloody insomnia.. soo.. ... to begin this new project, a little about me...

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