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One Year Anniversary on MWK

Hi guys! I have now been a member just one year. My but a lot has happened over the past year. I've learned so much and have met so many nice people on this site. I want to thank all of you who have shared your suggestions with me and who just put your samples out there for us to see, both in-progress and finished projects. They are truly inspirational.

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Baby Blanket Yarn & Pattern

I am planning on making a baby blanket for a friend of mine. I have found some patterns, everything from a washcloth-type pattern to some so complicated that I can't begin to understand them. I am looking for something that would be considered middle of the road, probably a pattern without a lot of lacy holes in it. Baby fingers and lace aren't a good match.

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Interesting Article and Link

Hi guys!
My wife found this article about knitwear for the home and thought you all would enjoy it.

Knitwear finds cozy spot in decor

I also found the artist Bauke Knottnerus who is referenced at the end of the article. Fun art out of knitting.

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Making another scarf...this time for me!

I found some beautiful superwash wool to play with.

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Blocking detergent???

Hi guys,

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Afghan Progress 198 Rows

In honor of all the guys who are knitting feverishly in the mountains of Colorado, I have made it to a new goal. I was knitting and thinking of all of you.

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Soft, not itchy, yarn

Hello everyone. Another hot, humid day here in the Chicago area. It's 92F (33C) and very humid, a perfect time to think of knitting something warm and cozy for winter!

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Happy Independence Day Fellow USA Knitters


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Looking for a sweater vest pattern

Hello guys,

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Afghan Progress 132 Rows

The afghan is starting to take shape now that it is 40% finished. I have included some photos so you could have a size comparison. Enjoy.

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