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Now for something completly diffferent.

Like an appendectomy. puts a cramp in the lifestyle - but i HAVE HAD MY KNITTING dellivred so hope to be in a better mood soon.

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Another shot of "Spanish Armada"

Here's another photo of the Spanish Armada that took a ribbon at Rhinebeck.

I was going to insert the image into this post - but it's way too big.

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I've got PRS

that would be:

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RIP Barry Finn

Shanty Singer, friend. The worlds largest voice and a heart to match in a wiry little body.

The world has lost far more today then it will probably ever know.

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my new t-shirt

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My Demon Enablers do me proud......

Once upon a time there was a picture of a fiddle head fern....

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'Starlight on the Waters' and 'After Hours'

combine this yarn with this pattern (see above in grey) and

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Cruise Ship here I come!

Driving down to Baltimore today; tomorrow we board for a cruise up and down the East coast.


Doubt I'll be online - c'ept maybe tonight/tomorrow morning.

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just checking

just testing photo uploads.

nope - won't let my upload photos or attach files.

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What do you do with leftover acrylic?

(6/3/09 - file updated with corrections to)

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