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How do you spell relief?


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Faux Spanish Lace

This is a relatively simple lace pattern I have suggested to several people. It makes a triangular shawl.

Cast on 3. knit back.
All even rows are knit.

Setup Rows:

1) k1, YO, k1, YO, k1

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OT - HOw I spent my weekend - 422 years ago.

A long, busy weekend in 1585 Warwickshire. Her Majesty is on Summer Progress and is visiting our shire, so Festival was being held. Many merchants about and many many many strangers.

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Slightly Beyond Basic - The "Easy Peasy" Shawl

seems like this disappeared again - leastwise I can't find it on my blog. So posting it again.

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Queen Anne's Lace Shawl

The complete, proofed, test-knit PDF document is attached to this post.

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I hesitate to mention it. . .

Is anyone else signed up for the Mystery Stole Three? The yahoo group is well over 6000 knitters, and Melanie (the designer) was just interviewed by USA Today regarding this "World wide event".

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While waiting for mistakes to show up in the test knitting of QAL (Queen Anne's Lace) pattern and finishing up some other projects, working on writing up the Fibonacci Eyelet Shawl(s) - there will be

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*sigh* I must say I am disappointed. So much hoopla and people so excited. But I doubt I will spend much time there.

first and foremost the site is so slow to load (noticable at work over a T3 line - excruciateingly painful at home over dial-up)

I have no access to Flickr (not by choice) so have no way to load photos at Ravelry.

The site is very counter-intuitive to my mind. This is most likely my fault, I know that features I hate on some sites are the reason others like the site.

To me the place reeks of clique-ishness and MySpace/YouTube mentality"

So many up-to-the=second bells and whistles are in use and included that people without access to such (for example: those of us rural dwellers who have no choice but to use 24k* connections because there is nothing else available) are handicapped severely. aut0omaticly creating a "second class" citizenship

So I guess the not so fancy mainly text forums will remain my mainstay.

* on a good day - connection is often slower.

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Clerical Stole

I am almost done with a clerical stole I knit for my nephew's ordination. (11 am, saturday - he will be ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church)

Red wool, sport weight from Black Oak Wool of Dundee NY (I think they are out of business now)
Knit on size US 3 needles.

about 4 inches x 110 inches, with eyelet lace designs for about 16 inches either end.

All I have left to do is finish sewing the backing on, then steam blocking it.

I posted pictures out in my folder at Knitted lace.

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goddamn sizing! I'm looking for some new garb - and I'm beginning to think that sizing charts are written for munchkins.

I know I am a-hem! as they say, "large" - but I'm sorry, an XL shirt should be more then a 40 inch chest! And when a cuff circumfrence of 6 inches (my wrist is 9 inches) is described as "generous" - I'm sorry; they are not fitting real people.

when you add in the long arms (I take a 37 inch sleeve) and the short legs (30.5 inch inseam) I **deTEST** clothes shopping.

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