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Still almost finished

But a lot closer now, 3/4rths of the Armada is off the needle.

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Almost FO

Spanish Armada is being bound off. It's a slow process because it takes 13 stitches to bind off three stitches - and there are aboyt 670 stitches around.

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Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

so close - but close doesn't count!

I am on row 147 of 154 rows - in fact, over half done with row 147...

and I just ran out of yarn from the skein I was using.

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Parts is Parts

or the dis-membered appendages of a Penguin.

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Opinions wanted

I'm knitting a Penguin as part of my 2006 Christmas list. (Yes, I know, I'm way way behind)

It's an Urban Commando Penguin. the back, head and wings are in a grey/black/white urban camo colour.

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you better believe it does, it interferes with my knitting.

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No One expects the Spanish Armada!

The qoute is bollixed up - so sue me!

Proof-knitting by volunteers underway.

Pattern is definately proofed through row 100 and I *think* I've got it corrected the rest of the way.

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Four Days of Christmas down,

only 13 more to go! Granted - I'm off celebrating Christmas in 1842 but it's still the holidays. Caroling on Friday, Saturday, Saturday night and today (sunday) .

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WIP - 'Spanish Armada' shawl

Remember the Spanish square Doily I test knit a while back?

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A lace decrease study in placement and type

One of the things I did last weekend while desporting myself with 88 women at the Seven Hills Inn and Resort in Lenox, Mass was attend a workshop in lace knitting taught by Pam Allen.

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