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Some advice for my afghan!?

Okay so I recently picked up my crochet hook again and started playing around with stuff, and this time it finally stuck. It's like something clicked in my head and I really began to understand how it all goes together, and how the different stitches work etc. So I decided to crochet something "big", but relatively simple.

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Looking for sanity...

Okay so this is my first time back on here in a while (well over a year I believe), but I've been knitting strong all the time. I'll actually need to take some photos of some of the work I've done. I've come on really well as a knitter and I've recently started crocheting. So, why am I back? Well, one word; sanity!

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Jumper, tension and quilting!?

After having spent quite a while knitting my first jumper and discovering that it was much much much too large (I might gift it to Hagrid!) I became quite disheartened with knitting and so just did si

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Trying to make my own pattern...bad idea!!!

Okay so I took people's advice on my last entry and bought Knitting With Balls so that I could use the pattern for hats/scarf/gloves because I'm knitting a present for my boy's birthday.

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Pattern advice!?!

Okay so I'm actually looking for a bit of help here.

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"Alternative" project? lol

So I was continuing my sock pattern using DPN's and it was starting to get really tedious, especially after I realised that I'd have to do it all again in order to have a pair (who knew?!?).

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I think you've got it!!!

Okay so the latest knitting news...

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This not an actual post on quilting, just so ya know!

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My name's not Stuart Real Person!!!

Okay so I'm not quite sure how this website rolls but I'm sure I didn't put my name as Stuart Real Person! Is this insanity related to the the following email I sent...

Hi there,

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