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Assistance - "Enclosing Bars"

Any video's out there… Help

K1, *drop next st off left needle and carefully unravel this st for 4 rounds (so there are 4"bars" of yarn above st), now K the st 5 rounds below enclosing the 4 "bars" of yarn in the st, K2 rep from *

I get most of this except the enclosing part - anyone have a clue - I tried finding a video… not luck yet.

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Berroco Seduce or Seduce Colors - Anyone use this fiber before?

Looking at making a cool, light, ladies pullover Hoodie for summer wear. (Clearing throat) - No not for me... for a friend of mine... LOL. I plan on knitting this on my own - freelance - no pattern (God I must be nuts). I have a photo of the Hoodie I plan to knit - front and back. The pattern was offered from a knitting/fiber shop located in Wisconsin.

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Desperately Seeking Advice - Sweater

I've made this sweater out of the Jane Ellison Menswear - Ansley (photo attached, not mine - but from the pattern). I used Queensland Kathmandu Aran yarn. Well it knitted up fairly well. My issue is that it fits everywhere EXCEPT the arm holes. It is rather tight for the recipient where the arms are attached too the body. I've tried to sew it with some give and it still is too tight.

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BIG A$$ Man Scarf

Well I wanted to knit myself a scarf because every time I knit myself a scarf it ends up being gifted to someone, which I totally don't mind. For instance, last year during the Christmas round robin a friend was just in love with my scarf, so by the end of the evening it was his. So I had 15+ skeins of Cascade Tweed sitting in one of my bins.

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My goal for the extended weekend.... :)

Well I set my goal for the extended weekend - I'm going to finish the never ending sweater project. I have the front & back panels done.

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Two Finished Projects ... Time for a Drink

Well here are two of my most recent finished projects.

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Evening or Morning --- I guess that depends on when you read this.

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