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My stash from Iceland

So we returned last weekend and I came back with 17 skeins of yarn! All the Lopi brand - 10 of the Alafoss (somewhat bulky) and 7 of the light. And all for under $50!!

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Maybe OT - but...

I am wearing a hat I knit!!

Check out these blue floating icebergs!! So beautiful.

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Lovered Prices

I couldn't get pics to load as attachments, so I figured I'd just post another entry with this pic. This is why I loved the prices in Vik!! ;-)

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In Iceland - yarn everywhere!

We just went to a very basic supermarket - almost like a really old bad K-mart but with food and produce, and there was this entire section with yarn - and some really nice wool yarn - some hand made

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Mary had a little sweater

... with fleece not quite as white as snow.

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MWK feels left out!!

I just came across this blog post - Real Men Knit and Sew - of course it's great to see someone blogging about men and crafting

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MWK lyrics - Annie Get Your Gun

Frank Butler and Annie Oakley:

Frank: I can jump a hurdle.
Annie: I can wear a girdle.
Frank: I can knit a sweater.
Annie: I can fill it better!

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Baby Hudson Sweater

This is for a friend's baby (about 6 months old now) named Hudson. They live in Austin. I used Paton's Classic Wool and size 7s.

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Knitting in Iceland?

Hey there - we were going to Mali (West Africa) in July/August but now we might change our plans and go to Iceland instead. Anyone been? Or know of a farm/LYS/wool manufacturer we should go visit?

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Estes Park Wool Market - What a day!

Well, I'm back - got caught in some rain on the way back - and it was an amazing day. I'm thinking next year we should have a men's knitting retreat in Estes Park the weekend of the wool market.

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