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Yarn Organization

As my stash of yarn keeps growing, I really want a neat way to organize and display my yarn. Right now, I have a beautiful wooden cabinet with glass doors that I am using.

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Back in the swing of things

Maybe it was the oppressing summer heat, or maybe it was simply a lack of inspiration... whatever the reason, I didn't really pick up my knitting needles at all in June or July.

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Runner Design

I want to make a runner to go along the top of my upright piano. I want something that lays fairly flat so I can put picture frames on it and nothing too lacy.

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Cape Cod/Provincetown Knitting Community?

In Provincetown for the week (and for the first time) enjoying the thrills of Carnival week and happily knitting away at a few new projects.

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Finished Baby Blanket

I'm a relatively new knitter (just started in November) but I'm definitely addicted!

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