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Mitten redo and pre-gaming for final round

Ok so I did what you guys suggested in my last posting about frogging the mitten down to the cuff, and starting with the stranded work again, I did it and now Im almost done with mitten number 1, and

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First Attempt at Stranded Colorwork...and German Karneval.

So I got the bright idea a couple of months ago to try and do a colorwork project, after 4 failures, I think this one is finally going to have a good result.

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Germany sucks on Sundays...and finished hat pictures!!

So I'm running low on yarn..and I wanted to buy some more today, a very simple task one might think but Germany hates me on this particular day of the week.

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Finished product pictures for "The Manly Cable Scarf"

Ok so here's the pictures as promised of the finished "Manly Cable Scarf" that I made, took a while, but it's finished, measures exactly 6 feet long and should keep my Texas blood warm and safe from t

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New knitter, about to finish first project, the "Manly Cable Scarf"

Ok so I've only been knitting for a couple of months now, I feel as though I've learned pretty fast, in these months, Ive learned the slip stitch, knit and purl stitches, yarn overs, stockinette stitc

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