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Off Topic: Bread School

Just a few quick minutes of your time. One of my other loves (besides knitting) is baking bread.

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OFF TOPIC: Cooperative Project & Knitted Baby Hanten...

Hello all. This is completely off topic, but something a group like this might be able to get behind. I have started a cooperative project for prayer flags. The details are here:

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Pints & Purls

Someone has gotten smart enough to start a pints and purls group near me (within walking distance) Currently meeting at a local brew pub (the beer is GOOD). My first public knit outing :).

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Have completely fallen in love with this yarn. Am doing a scarf with it right now. I love the color progressions, but tell me this is it scratchy? it seems garments would be scratchy??

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EZ Saddle Shoulder questions.

I have cast on the EZ saddle shoulder sweater from Knitting Without Tears. I frogged the sleeve once already.

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Random knitting thoughts brought on by Ravelry

So I have been banging around Ravelry for a few months now. LOOOOOOOVE IT! That aside I have been completely amazed at just how many folks are knitting EZ patterns.

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Two At Once Fiasco

OK OK. So I decided to adapt a knit picks two at once sock pattern into a felted boot pattern with DISASTROUS RESULTS THUS FAR.


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The Biology of Knitting

Don't know if this has ever been posted... Amazing:


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Last Call for Alcohol. . . cozys

Last call for anyone who wants in on the beer cozy swap:

send me your snail mail at jdk3@rcn.com

Swap partners being sent out monday

Deadline to send your cozy is 3/15/2010

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2010 KAL

Thanks to Carl for being an overachiever!! Glad they turned out awesome. here is my progress on the KAL as well.

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