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Gone Yarn Wild!

I have been following a fun little blog about a pair of rebellious outdoor Guerrilla knitters here in Wellington, New Zealand - Link to the Blog Outdoor Knit

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Round and round in circles

I am wonderfully happily burried in my first really large crochet project at the moment. While it is crochet, I have to say it still feels like some kind of knitting to me... the fibre, the needle or in this case a hook, and the rhythm of each stitch. So I feel no guilt for sharing this story on this site.

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A question of Knitting hardware

I am going to do it... I am going to ask one of those "can-of-worms" questions..... What are the best needles to knit with? I have my own opinion, and I am sure everyone else on here does.... but is there such a thing as "The ONE best set of needles?"

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Learning to knit as a adult (w Pics)

As a child I know my mother knitted. I think just about anyone in New Zealand would be able to say that, and while I cannot remember her knitting anything in particular for me, (I could be wrong) I do remember her knitting. I also remember trying to learn to knit at the time and giving up in disgust as a knotted mess hung from my needles where my scarf was supposed to be appearing. And that was that... at least so I thought.

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I'm Leon. I'm new and my Mom says I'm special.

Hi I'm Leon and .... I'm a knitter. Or is it not "that" kind of group?
I have signed on, looked around and found my way here. I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

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