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Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Hi guys! So a friend of mine requested a custom piece for Christmas, which is very exciting! She, my boyfriend, and I are huge fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, and we get together every Monday to watch together (have you boys been watching Allstars??? The SHADE of it all...). She did not specify what she wanted as a gift, her only stipulation was that I make it for her.

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OT But Really Cool!

Hey guys! So I've mentioned before that I'm an actor, and even posted a little while ago about my upcoming show (That's Not Right... A Mistaken Cabaret). I wanted to share this with you, though, cause it's really cool- my amazing boyfriend is a graphic designer (a really awesome one, you should check him out: www.davidayllon.com) and he offered to do this unbelievable poster for me.

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Fall Scarf

It's been a while since I've finished a project! Since I've spent so much time expanding the Cerys Baby Blanket on Ravelry, I haven't finished any other projects (fortunately, the acting projects have kept me busy enough not to have more than one project on the needles at a time).

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Beach Blanket

Hello, all!

In my last post I alluded to a blanket that I was working on- the Cerys Baby Blanket on Ravelry, which I am resizing to be an adult-sized blanket. It is currently being worked on size 6 (not 8, my mistake) needles, and is just about 3.25' in diameter, if my calculations are correct.

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Public Knitting VENT

Ok, I know I've been gone for oodles and oodles of time, so first things first- hi! Hope everyone is doing well =)

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Sweater Blues

Hi everyone! I think it's honestly been about a year or so since I posted here, but I've been slowly making my way back into the knitting world since I graduated college and have been pursuing a lot of different jobs and ventures.

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My First Pattern!

Hello everyone! I happened to put pictures of my recently finished cable scarf in my last post, and PaulJMC inspired me to share the pattern.

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Hello everyone! I just cast on the Triumph Scarf from Ravelry. I'm about 40-some-odd rows in, and I love the pattern.

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Back- With a Vengeance!

... Ok, so no vengeance (I like you guys too much...) but I am back!

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OT Update

The mask is finished!!!!

Anyone who'd like to see the final product:

Sorry to everyone else for taking up space on the board!

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