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"Christmas Holly" afghan

I found this afghan kit in a thrift store last year.
I decided to finally knit it up. I started it about Thanksgiving and just steamed it to its finished shape tonight.

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scarf / shawl with open diamonds

I started knitting a new shawl. The pattern name is "Scarf with open and solid diamond lace edging from Weldon's, 1904. The pattern is in Victorian Lace Today.

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Melanie shawl - progress

Hi all.

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lucky bedspread gift

Hi guys. I had a wonderful surprise yesterday when I went into the LYS, Lovely Yarns. The owner is such a nice lady.

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Tina shawl being modeled

Here is a better view of the shawl.

Thanks to all you kind folk who gave such nice comments about the work. I really appreciate your comments. jim.

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Tina shawl is finally finished.

I finally finished knitting the Tina shawl on Christmas Eve. So today, on New Year's Eve, I blocked it out on the living room carpet. It took about 4 months or so to knit.

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merry Christmas.

I found this afghan pattern kit in a thrift store and couldn't resist it. Maybe it will be completed by next year. LOL...

Happy holidays to you all. jim.

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A fantastically fun time knitting in public.

I just got back from a little vacation. During the weekend, there was a rubber ducky race. Along with the race was the 1st annual Hat competition.

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"Victorian Lace Today" shawl

Well, I have finished yet another shawl for church. This one is the three cornered shawl in Clover pattern. It took a good 3 months to complete, but it wasn't difficult to knit.

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the other new shawl

The other new shawl from last night's knitting meeting is a Sabbath shawl in 100% cotton, Williamsburg blue.

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