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Thumping my drum yet again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and take a look see here... Coming to a yarnshop and bookstore near you... "Think Outside the Sox" - the Book.

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Happy New Year!!

I had a brain lapse last week and didn't post Holiday best wishes other than individually. So....I want to wish all of you the very best of New Year's in 2010.

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Altering existing sweaters

Okay, fellow gurus and knitting fanatics, I am asking for ideas on this -- I have a friend whose Mom knit him some absolutely great sweaters.

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EZ sweater find

How timely, given the amount of posts concerning EZ and her great contributions to knitting. Has anyone else read about the finding of a sweater Mrs. Zimmermann knit for a goddaughter?

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Finally announcing the news...

I mentioned this to Dave (our man in Turkey) several weeks ago, but am finally putting it out for public consumption.

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My square pattern contribution for Jason's afghan.

As I said in purlyman's blog entry, this is my first blog experience. So, please be gentle.

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