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Is He Handsome?...Or Is He Knitting Pattern Handsome?

I have found Jane Ellison's Queensland Collection Book 9 to be one of the few design books I have chosen to purchase. Why?

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What's next?

After the color explosion of the last sweater, I am going polar opposite this time.

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What's your name again? Got a towel?

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Here's the bad boy!

That saucy, feral, Faire Isle sweater finally getting the treatment it so richly deserved - the trollope - passively lying there, waiting to be violated!

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Details, they want details!

Thanks, guys, for all the kind words. I have to get an image of the sweater on here, soon, lest I be branded as a provocateur or prevaricator...or both!

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Latest Project

I've been knitting a Faire Isle sweater in twelve colors...used the wrap, wrap, unwrap technique to avoid all the issues of snagging yarn on the reverse side. Coming along beautifully.

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