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One Man's Meat...

Have you ever wanted to convert that image of your prize terrier Bixie into a knit able version, plastered all over a scarf for your boyfriend?

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What to get that special knitter in your life?

Hell...these would look good on a PA! Or other augmentation.

"Need a marker? Here, Babe, gotcha one rightcheer..." Warms the heart, dontcha' think?

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Worship Of The Goddesses

I have been quietly working on my preparation for the Village Halloween Parade and the New York City Marathon. Thankfully, only once a decade do they come this year.

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Just A Heads Up For Sock Yarn Lovers Who Couldn't Go To Sock Summit

Yarns available at the event are being sold off at discount at

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What's Good Is Good!

I met Mathew Gnagi, a young designer in New York several weeks ago at Annie And Company in NYC. We were talking last weekend and he showed me a recent design of his.

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If You Don't Understand, You Are Too Young

Just click below, and either laugh or be very confused.

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Ok, I've Got My Kevlar Suit On (Seamless of Course). Fire Away!

This is not meant to be rude or to inflame, but let’s apply some scientific thinking to the idea that seams provide structure, shape or ease in blocking to knitwear.

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The Love That Dare Not Change It's Name or Phone Number

With acknowledgment to MMario's comment below:

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It's Not Theoretical Physics, But String Theory Came In Handy

Grawity? No effect on zee fabric of Space, but zee varping of zee veft vas intense!

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Put Down That Fat-Laden, Doughnut-Like Skein and Try a (S)Cone!

Does your stash feel bloated, over-stuffed, tired, listless and no get-up and go?

Have you thought of cosmetic reduction for your bulging stash collection?

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